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This write-up only deals with the most important functions of PM. Other useful features are:-

Distribution Lists - If one needs to send messages or circulars by E-mail routinely to a large number of addresses, this function can be used. Distribution lists can be created for different sets of addresses, and each set can be given a name. While sending a message to all the members of a list, the individual addresses need not be typed in the "To" field - only the name of the list will be necessary.

Filtering - An extremely useful feature which can be used to remove spam (i.e. junk) E-mail. It is also useful if one subscribes to mailing lists. Incoming mail from the lists can be automatically sorted out into separate folders, so that they can be read conveniently later on.

Help - Extensive context-sensitive help files are available which clearly explain different features and functions.

An introductory tutorial covers configuration and the main functions of the programme.

Special functions for sending mail:

Bcc- i.e. Blind carbon copy- this option enables one to send an unmarked or "secret" copy of a message. The E-mail address entered here does not appear in the list of receipients. Attachments- it is possible to send a file (eg. of MS Word) along with an E-mail message.

In conclusion, Pegasus Mail is a versatile and powerful E-mail programme, which can be used in a wide variety of settings. Give it a try.

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