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Address books are where your correspondents' names and addresses (both postal and E-mail) are stored, besides other useful information. This storage of addresses is not only as a reference for later use, but also to enable rapid addressing of E-mail messages. To open the address book folder, click on the address book icon on the main toolbar(or press F3). This opens up the main address book window. Initially you will have to create address books and these can be done in much the same way as folders are created, i.e. you can create convenient names for address books like Family, Friends, Relatives, Organisations etc. This is done by clicking on the "New" button of the address book window, and then giving a name to the address book in the second smaller window that opens up. Then click on "OK", and the name you have given appears on the main address book window.

To enter names and addresses in individual address books, highlight the desired address book, and then click on "Open". The individual address book opens and if you would like to enter a name and address, click on "Add". The window that opens up has spaces for name, postal address, telephone and fax numbers, and of course, E-mail address. Remember that only the name and E- mail address are required, all other fields being optional. When you have entered the details, click on OK.

Using address book entries:

Once a particular name and E-mail address is entered, the E-mail address is entered automatically in the "To" and "Cc" fields of the new mail message window. If you start typing a previously entered name or E-mail address in these fields, they are completed automatically by the address completion feature. This is of course if the feature is turned on. This can be done by going through the following:

Tools-->Options-->Message settings.

Check the boxes next to Address Books and Recently used addresses, if you want address completion from there.

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