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Writing (composing) a new mail message on PM is very simple. To write a new message, click on the left most icon on the toolbar. A new mail window opens up. This has several parts, and they are as follows:-

"To" field - Enter the E-mail address of the receipient here. More than one E-mail addresses can be entered provided they are separated by commas.

"Subject" field - the subject of the E-mail message should be entered here.

"Cc" field - the carbon copy field in which you enter E-mail addresses of those whom you wish to send copies of your messages to.

Recently used addresses - a button with a question mark (?) is found at the end of the "To" and "Cc" fields. Clicking on this button opens up a window with recently used E-mail addresses. To use a particular address, just double click on it.

Address completion (memory) feature - If you have previously entered a person's name and E-mail address in your address book, PM remembers both. As you start typing their name or address, it is automatically completed. This is a very useful feature and works for addresses in the address books as well as those in the recently used address window. It has to be turned on - this is done by going through the following windows :

Tools --> Options--> Message settings.

Confirm reading & Confirm delivery - If these boxes are checked, you will get a confirmation of the delivery of the message and / or a confirmation that the message has been actually read. Copy to self - Checking this box ensures that a copy of the outgoing message is kept in a separate "Copyself" folder. Message editor field - this is the main part of the new message window and is where the E-mail message is written. Send button - When the message is completed, this button is to be clicked. The message then joins a queue of messages waiting to be sent.

After you have written your messages and they are in the queue, they are ready to be sent over the Internet.

Sending and Receiving Mail:
To send and receive mail through PM over the Internet, connect to the Internet in the usual way with Dial-up Networking. After connecting, start PM and click on one of the three icons with globes, which are as follows:-

  • Send mail only.
  • Receive mail only.
  • Send and receive mail in one operation.

The status bar at the bottom of the PM window gives you a live indication of the downloading and uploading of incoming and outgoing messages respectively. When the process is complete, it returns to its normal state "Press for help". You can then read your new mail from the new mail folder.

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