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Whenever you open PM, the new mail folder opens. This is the folder that contains all incoming messages, before they are moved to folders, forwarded, replied to or deleted. This folder is the equivalent of the INBOX folder on other E-mail programmes. When opened for the first time, the new mail folder contains messages inbuilt into the programme, about certain technical aspects of PM. These can be stored in a separate folder for later reference.

The new mail folder functions are represented by buttons on a toolbar on top of the folder. After selecting a particular message by highlighting it, click on a button to activate the corresponding action, as follows:-

  • Open- To read a particular message.
  • Reply- To reply to the sender of a particular message.
  • Forward- To forward a message to another address.
  • Move- To move a message to a particular folder.
  • Copy- To copy a message to another folder.
  • Delete- To delete a message from the folder.


You can conveniently store your E-mail messages to read them later, in PM's folder system.

Clicking on the folder icon on the button bar opens the folder dialog box. Thereafter, you need to set up your folders with names for each group of folders (called "trays" in PM). These can be named Family, Friends, Relatives, Companies or any name you desire. Within each tray you can create and name individual folders eg. under Friends you can create folders for Indian Friends, US Friends etc. Or even Ramesh, Prakash, Ajay etc.

Moving messages from the new mail folder to another folder is a simple matter.First highlight the message you want to move. Then click on the Move button, and the folder window opens up. Double click the folder you want to move the message to and it will be moved immediately to this folder.

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