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The programme downloads as a self executing file. When you click on the icon, the installation starts and then proceeds step by step. You will be asked simple questions about selecting the destination directory, programme group etc. In most cases the default settings are appropriate. At the end of the procedure, the installation window closes. Pegasus Mail can then be found by clicking on the following in sequence:

Start --> Programmes --> Pegasus Mail for Win32.

You can make a shortcut for the programme by going through Windows Explorer to the files of Pegasus Mail, then identifying the winpm-32.exe file (with a winged horse icon). Right-click on this icon and drag it to the desk- top to create a short-cut there. You can give any name you desire to the shortcut, eg. Pegasus Mail, E- mail, P-mail or just Mail.


User Mode:
When Pegasus Mail is started for the first time, the programme will ask you the user mode you would like to employ. The options are as follows:-

  1. Single user on a single computer.
  2. Multiple users on a single computer.
  3. Local area network (LAN).

The second option includes the first and should be chosen if more than one user intends to use Pegasus Mail on a single standalone machine.
If this option is chosen, the programme asks you to enter the user name (the first name or nickname is convenient) and the full name of the main user (called the administrator).

Internet Set-Up:
Before PM can be used, it needs to be configured so that it can access your mailbox on the VSNL (or your ISP) server correctly. This configuration is simple and requires the following information:-

  • Your E-mail address.
  • The username and password of your Internet account.
  • The POP3 mail server address for incoming mail.
  • The SMTP mail server address for outgoing mail.

The POP3 and SMTP mail server addresses are usually in a numerical format and are available from your ISP. For example, for the bom4 server of VSNL, the POP3 and SMTP server addresses are both POP3 and SMTP server addresses of the other servers are available at the Guide website. If you cannot get the numerical address, use the part of the E-mail address following the @ symbol. For example, for the bom4 VSNL server, the POP3 and SMTP address could also be written as "" (without the quotes). This alternative works for VSNL and DOT servers. With other ISP's it may or may not work (eg. for Satyam the POP3 and SMTP addresses are "" and "", respectively).

After starting the programme (if necessary by entering the appropriate user name), the Internet Set Up Wizard starts and asks for the above information to be entered. When this is complete, the programme is ready to be used.

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