Issue 6             THE GUIDE FREE NEWSLETTER                        Wednesday
Volume 2            Septemper 22, 1999

===============[ NEW FEATURED ARTICLES ON THE GUIDE ]=================

 - A Mini faq on Modem Optimization
   Optimize your modem performance..Hari Nair tells How! 
   (Sept. 19, 1999)
 - Medical Help via Internet
   Internet is a large repository of Medical Information. Dr. Malpani 
   tells us how to use it effectively to search out the information 
   that you might need (Sept. 18, 1999).
   Also, see the "Medicine Related Links" below.

 - Net Addiction - Sept. 3, 1999
   Internet could be very addictive and can make you dsyfunctional
   for the real world. Find out more about this modern day malaise 
   and possibly, what to do about it. Read on! (Sept. 3, 1999) 

======================[ WHERE TO FIND HELP ]==========================

      The Guide is all about help.  So where can you find it?

      - Forums - Where everybody can particpate in helping out
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=======================[ SOFTWARE / LINKS ]===========================
 Medicine Related Links

  - First India Meidal Portal
  - Alternative Medicine
  - Directories (National Library of Medicine)
  - Nutrition
  - Pharmacies
  - Pregnancy/Babies
 General Interest Links:
  - Learn about an uncoventional teacher U G Krishnamurti

  - India Related Links: A extensive collection of
    India Related Links by no means exhaustive.

=====================[ ACCOUNT MAINTENANCE ]==========================

  - Changing Your Password

  - How many hours do you have left in your account? (When you go
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  - Lost your password?  Here's how to get a new one

  - Can't Access Your Email?


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