Issue 5             THE GUIDE FREE NEWSLETTER                      Sunday
Volume 2            Septemper 12, 1999

===============[ NEW FEATURED ARTICLES ON THE GUIDE ]=================

 - Net Addiction - Sept. 3, 1999
   You like to be connected to the NET a lot? Have made lot 
   of cyber-friends? Do you find yourself spending more 
   and more time on chatting with friends on the NET? Perhaps
   you have unknowingly become a NET-Addict. Find out more about
   this modern day malaise and possibly, what to do about
   it. Read on! (Sept. 3, 1999) 

 - TheGuideMail - July 27, 1999
   TheGuide launches a Web Based Email facility. If you 
   are away from your computer e.g. travelling to different
   city or in a cyber cafe then you can use the browser to 
   attend to your Email. Try it out.
 - Free--Email Accounts - July 30, 1999
   Want an additional Free POP Email Account? For your family 
   member or someone else? Find out websites which 
   provide you with this.
 - HTML Basics--An Introduction - July 26, 1999
   Want to learn how to built a Website? Get started right
   now. Lots of links to tutorials for those who want to 
   start right away.
 - The Greater Common Good - Updated July 26, 1999
   Arundhati Roy-- celebrated author of "The God of 
   Small Things" visits Narmada Valley and poignantly
   narrates the plight of the people who will be 
   displaced by the Sardar Sarovar Dam. She points out
   the mis-information prevalent about the utility of 
   Dams and the damage that they cause to the environment. 
   Excellent prose a must read.

 - Back Orifice 2000 - July 11, 1999
   On July 10, 1999, The Cult of the Dead Cow released
   a the software which spells trouble for windows users
   including that of windows NT. Learn about it in this
   article from leading security expert Bruce
   Gingery.(Jul. 11, 1999). 
 - Pretty Good Privacy - July 11, 1999
   Do you ever worry about the privacy of the information 
   e.g. email going over the NET. Well you should. As it
   is like sending a postcard through the Post. Anyone
   laying eyes on it can read it. Learn about sound security.
   technology which can give you the necessary privacy.

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  - Learn about an uncoventional teacher U G Krishnamurti

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  - One stop free service for your email, fax, voice mail (if you are in US)

  - Want to get into good physical shape? Join one of their programs. 
    Each day's excercise schedule will be emailed to you

  - Again a useful service which will help you organize your self

  - Get your PC diagonized through the WEB. A very useful service 

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