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Security Issues with MS Windows

The Problem
Why is this Misleading?
So How is security breached?
Can Things get shoddier?
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Analysis and comparsion with NSA guidlines
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Further links for Reference:

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Description / Functioning

Products with admitted dependency on it

More on encryption and cryptography:

Repudiating authentication because of

Potential hardware subversion

Technical terms

Cryptographic Service Provider
A module which actually does encryption or decryption as a service to CryptoAPI
What is CryptoAPI?
Software developers need to encrypt and decrypt data and validate that code has not been modified. This can be easily done through a CryptoAPI call. Every Microsoft Windows OS uses this CryptoAPI.


Many people have contributed very generously to make this posting possible. The main contributor has been Mr. Bruce Gingery. Mr. Udhay Shankar made important suggestions to give a prespective to the issues addressed. Ms. P. Baldota collated most of the information.

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