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If you're online for more than a few weeks, you'll probably get spammed at least once. Spammers harvest email addresses from mailing lists, Web pages, online directories, and even personal Web pages. They also simply guess addresses based on common combinations of letters and numbers and send thousands of messages to any address containing that combination. As a result, even brand new accounts which have never been used are vulnerable to spam.

There is no sure way to protect an email address from being harvested by a determined spammer with free time and ordinary computer resources, but you can protect yourself from spammers.


Can Anyone Stop Spam?
Learn how to filter your email, how to remain anonymous on newsgroups, and more. Download anti-spam software and read about several organizations dedicated to stopping spam on the Internet.

Stop Spam
Another CNET How-To that focuses on basic anti-spamming techniques.

Spam Be Gone
How to reduce your chances of getting spammed if you post in newsgroups.

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