Appendix D


D.1 Leased Line:

An inexpensive modem based connection which is set up only when it is needed is the ideal solution for occasional use of Internet. Running a web server, handling a large volume of mail , connecting an entire network of users, or offering other information services requires a permanent connection to the net and a higher bandwidth than normal modems can deliver. The solution is a Leased Line connection to the Internet. These are fast and permanent. Depending on your bandwidth requirements VSNL can provide leased lines ranging from 2.4Kbps to 2Mbps.

D.2 Procedures to be completed for Leased Line Access:

a. An application along with requisite tariff must be submitted to the commercial department of MTNL/Local DOT authority.

b. A VSNL Application form for leased line access must be submitted.

  1. A copy of the work order issued by MTNL/Local DOT authority must be given to VSNL.
  1. IP Addresses and Domain Name Registration :
  1. IP Addresses:

A detailed network topology of the customer's network must be submitted, indicating the number of hosts and number of subnetworks as per Form A given below.

  1. Domain Name Registration and Delegation of SOA:

NCST is responsible for the ".in" domain. In order for the customer to obtain a subdomain under ".in" .e.g. "", an application form B given below, may be submitted to VSNL who will validate this and forward it to NCST on behalf of the customer.

Delegation of SOA: Customer needs to run a primary and secondary domain name server. NCST only delegates authority once the customer DNS is properly configured and visible on the NET.

D.3 Tariff for leased connection:

2.4KBPS RS.15000/- RS.1.5 lakhs RS.1.2 lakhs
9.6 KBPS RS.15000/- RS.6 lakhs RS.4.8 lakhs
64 KBPS RS.20000/- RS.12 lakhs RS.9.6 lakhs
128 KBPS RS.20000/- RS.18 lakhs RS.14.4 lakhs
256 KBPS RS.40000/- RS.25 lakhs RS.20 lakhs
512 kbps RS.40000/- RS.36 lakhs RS.28.8 lakhs
1 MBPS RS.40000/- RS.60 lakhs RS.48.0 lakhs
2 MBPS RS.50000/- RS.100 lakhs RS.80 lakhs

D.4 Customer side set-up

The requirement varies a lot depending on the leased line bandwidth the customer is opting for.

a. Discussion on 9.6kbps

One can connect standalone PC as well as one's entire LAN to the Internet using a 9.6kbps leased line.

Hardware and Software Required for Connecting a single PC

Hardware : The minimum requirements of the hardware are also dependent on the TCP/IP stack software. The customer can do with a PC better than 386 and at least 4MB RAM. He has to provide a V.32bis modem at VSNL side as well as one on his side.

Software : He has to have Internet software suite installed on his PC.

Hardware and Software Required for Connecting a LAN

A customer can connect a LAN running TCP/IP with the Internet using leased line.

Hardware : The customer has to provide V.32 bis modem on both sides. He has to also arrange a router which will integrate the LAN with Internet. However UNIX machines can also be specially configured to act as IP routers.

Software : The software requirement for this type of environment depends on what type of application the user is looking for. Most of the relevant software are available on the Net.

b. Discussion on 64kbps and above leased lines.

Usually a LAN or any internal network (Company having Internet) is integrated with Internet using a high Bandwidth leased line. Hardware and Software Required for Connecting it.

Hardware : The customer has to provide high speed modem on both the sides and the exact modem requirements e.g. nature of interface etc. can be intimated during actual installations. He needs to have a router at his premises other than this.

Software : Software requirements depends on applications and most of them are available over the net. The packages for Web server ,IRC server and ftp server are freely available on net. These packages can be downloaded from the net and can be configured according to your operating system.

Routers are the devices which reads the address on packets it receives and routes these packets to destination depending on routing table it gets or develops. VSNL'S technical staff will advice the customers connected to VSNL through a single leased line to have a default route on their router pointing to VSNL's WAN port. IP address.

Customer has to submit a form to VSNL giving his present network topology, address requirements as well as his future expansion plans .VSNL will allocate IP addresses accordingly.

D.5 Form A

Please provide the details of the network on your side:

1) How many hosts being connected:

2) How many subnets are being planned:

3) How many hosts after 6 months:

4) How many Ip addresses required :

5) IP addresses required after six months:

6) Details of routers and other networking devices

Also attach the network topology at your end.

D.6 Form B


1. General

1.1 Name of Organisation/Institution:

.2 Address of Organisation/Institution:

1.3 The name, title, postal address, e-mail and phone number of administrative contact:

1.4 The name, title, postal address, e-mail and phone number of the technical contact:

1.5 Give a brief description of your organisation. This description should clearly indicate the type of your organisation. ( e.g. R & D, private limited company, public limited company, Govt. of India Undertaking etc.) Educational institutions should mention the University to which they are affiliated.

2. Details of your IP Network

(Please duplicate questions 2.1 to 2.4 if you have more than one IP Network at your organisation/institution. If the administrative and technical contacts are the same as those given in 1.2 and 1.3, use the phrase "as above" against the respective items. There is no need to duplicate the information.)

2.1 Network Number:

(Please mention your IP network number here. For Eg: if you have a Class C address, your network number would be represented with its last byte as a zero. is a network number. Similarly, a Class B address will have the last two bytes as zeros. is a network number.)

2.2 Network Name:

(Mention the name of your network here. Your network name is what you would call it or, in generic terms, the label you would give to your network. Please type the name in upper case.)

2.3 Administrative Contact:

(Mention the name and complete contact information of the person from your organisation who would liaison with the domain registry for administrative issues.)

2.4 Technical Contact:

(Mention the name and complete contact information of the person from your organisation who would liaison with the domain registry for technical issues.)

3. Name of your Internet Service Provider: Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd

(Through whom you connect to the Internet)

4. Domain Name Information:

( Currently we have the following domains: -- for research organisations -- for commercial organisations -- for network service providers -- for government organisations -- for academic community

(Mention the domain name that you would like to register. Please also mention which of the above domains you would like to join.)

You are encouraged to send this form by electronic mail to If you cannot do so, you could post or fax this form to the following address: