Dr. Rajendra R. Mehta Ph.D.(Stanford, USA)
email: rajm@stanfordalumni.org


Depolarization Phenomenon in Ferroelectric Devices
Rockville MD April 2010- Present

" Proposed Phenomenon of Depolarization in Ferroelectric devices:
"Depolarization Fields in Thin Ferroelectric Films", R. R. Mehta, B. D. Silverman and J. T. Jacobas, J. Appl. Phys., Vol44, No. 8, 1973. (Part of this paper was presented at Physical Society meeting in San Francisco, 1973)."Has been cited extensively in the scientific literature science 1997

" Recently it has been cited by Japanese scientist Yukio Watanabe in March 2010:
"Proper Permittivity for Depolarization Field and Its Implication to Universal Instability of Insulating Ferroelectric: A Note: Physical Society of Japan Vol. 79, No. 3, March, 2010, 034713 by Yukio Watanabe". In this publication he asserts that that in very large numbers of scientific publications this formula (equation 1 of 1973 publication has been used for calculation of Depolarization. He christens the formula derived in publication in 1973 (equation 1) as "Mehta's Formula".

Currently involved in exploring the relationship of these Depolarization Fields to the 2nd law of Thermodynamics.

Reginald S. Lourie Center for Infants and Young Children Rockville, MD
Technology Coordinator- July, 2001 to Present

  • Built vendor relationships and negotiated technology contracts for the Lourie Center
  • Established a relationship with Cisco to have Network Equipment valued over $60,000 donated to thecenter. This equipment will improve the center's data network infrastructure significantly
  • Configured the ADSL modem and the router to enable broadband access for Lourie Center
  • Enabled the Virtual Network Computing environment for remote access
  • Optimized the server configuration to speed up access and processing
  • Setup the louriecenter.org domain with email addresses for all the staff
  • Designed and built the Lourie Center website http://www.louriecenter.org. Enabled the website to receive online donations
  • Created the intranet site for Lourie Center for dissemination of daily information. Enforced computer based training (CBT) to help staff update their computer skills
  • Continually providing learning opportunities for staff to obtain and enhance computer skills so they may effectively use computing at work and in the classroom
  • Developed presentations for the Lourie Center School and Therapeutic Nursery School graduations. The presentations capture the school year and activities the children accomplished during the year
  • General Consultant for all Technology related matters. This involves maintenance of over 70 personal computes, printers, monitors, installation of software and operating systems upgrades (win98, 2K and XP)

Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL) Bombay, India
Consultant- August 1996 to June 2005

  • Published India's first internet startup guide titled, "The Internet Guide for VSNL's Gateway Internet Access Services". To date over 100,000 copies have been distributed and 2 editions published
  • Developed the Internet user's website for VSNL - http://guide2net.net to complement the text version of the internet guide. Additionally created a message board on the website where consultants respond to user queries within 6 to 8 hours
  • Built one of the first web-based data formats (POP3) in India for delivery of email across the internet. This enables users to access email services worldwide
  • Established a Virtual Community, providing support to customers of the largest ISP in India (VSNL). Support is provided by volunteers from across the globe.
  • Developed lectures and presentations to actively promote privacy, security and spam busting concepts among Internet users
  • Proposed a business plan for establishing a Research Institute titled "The Global Institute for Security in the Digital Network Age" being actively considered by a large Charity Foundation, in India
  • Worked on a Project Plan detailing strategy and implementation plan for an Internet Gateway Landing Station and Telehouse project proposed to be established at Bombay, India

TATA Internet Services Limited Bombay, India
Consultant- Feb 1998 – Aug 1998

  • Designed and developed an intranet support website for the customer call center. This site offers support for staff by featuring FAQ responses and interactive WYSIWYG screenshots that enable support staff to walk a customer through the problem and provide a resolution

Prince of Wales Museum of Western India, Mumbai, India
Consultant-1997- Current

  • Was a consultant to the Museum for their computerization needs. Setup both hardware and software for their CD browsing library, and Internet access to enable museum personnel and visitors to browse the Web for information. Developed and maintained a web site for the Museum (site address: http://www.bombaymsuem.org ). Also developed and maintained a web site tracing cultural history of non-violence in India from 3000 BC to present (site address: http://www.bombaymuseum.org/ahimsa ).

Hoechst Marion Roussel (HMR), a German multi-national pharmaceutical firm.
Consultant-Apr 1997 – Aug 1997

  • Conducted Internet seminars for top level executives of HMR to teach them the use of Internet in their work. Specifically, Internet Telephony/Video Conferencing, collaborative working, using NetMeeting, etc. Imparted training to the technical personal of IS department on the use of HTML and Frontpage97 for the development of Web sites.

Asiatic Society of Bombay, India
Consultant-Jan 1997 – Mar 1997

  • Setup hardware and software to access Internet via dialup. Trained their personnel on the use Internet taught about Internet to the users of the Asiatic society library. Developed a test Web site for them which was hosted at: http://www.bayside.net/users/rajm/asbl.html

Previous Experience (1965 - 1995):

My primary obligation was to manage the family business; I uncovered additional technical opportunities of interest some of which I will cover below.

Radium Battery Corporation, Bombay, India
Owner / C.E.O.

  • Duties covered all aspects of business: managerial, financial, technical and personnel.
    Primary products were battery plates, batteries and charging services.
  • Developed and put into production, a new charging process, a pulse time approach, which saves about 18-25% in the cost of electricity.
  • Developed a new process for manufacture of negative plates for the batteries using the by-product of another industry, thereby reducing the production cost of negative plates by 50%. Key process development was the procedure to promote dendrite growth of crystallites, a necessity for long-life battery plates.

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India

  • Was part of Committee to develop the syllabus for a course "Analog Electronics" for junior year of the undergraduate EE degree.

Comstruct Software Pvt. Ltd., Bombay, India

  • Wrote specifications for development of the software used in statistical surveys of textile mills in India for the Research and the Marketing Wing, Textile Committee of India.

Online Service, Bombay, India

  • Obtained BBS software via Internet, then installed and setup the first BBS in India-Live Wire BBS in Bombay, India.

Asiatic Stores, Computer Section, Bombay

  • Setup both computer system hardware and the software to carry out word processing and desktop publishing.
  • Setup Cyber Cafe and advising them about the policy matters

Siliconix, Inc., Santa Clara, California

  • Designed feasibility prototype of ferroelectric display device.

IBM Corp., San Jose, CA.
Development Engineer

  • Discovered a process to create serrated edge topography, sub-micron dimension, for magnetic bubble propagation.
  • Created methodology to shape sloped edge patterns with specified angles in garnet films (sub-micron size).
  • Modeled the shadowing phenomena in sputter-etching technology and developed equations to predict the angles evolved.
  • Established a masking process for sputter etching of metal and garnet films-2 micron lines
    Magnetic thin film head fabrication processes:
  • Evolved RF sputter deposition of silica and alumina films up to 25 micron thickness with good edge coverage.
  • Established a RF sputtering process for deposition of perm alloy thin film heads for Hard Disk Drive.
  • Optimized the composition for ceramic thin films for ferroelectric memory application:
  • Developed RF sputter deposition and annealing processes – for 7-element thin ceramic films to be used for development of thin film memory device.
  • Proposed, tested and established the first adequate theoretical model for depolarization fields in thin ferroelectric films with metal contacts. Interface Problem Ferroelectric/Photoconductor memory device:
  • Fabricated and tested first-ever Ferroelectric/Photoconductor (FE/PC) memory device.
  • Optimized Cadmium Sulfide (CdS), and Cadmium Sulfide/Selenide (CdS/Se) thin films for the spectral response, decay and rise time constants and gain bandwidth product. Studied conductive optical and contacting properties of Indium-tin and cadmium oxide films.
  • Developed the magnetic bubble memory fabrication process and designed the device architecture
  • Discovered Depolarization Phenomena in Multilayer Solid State Devices
  • Wrote complete Physics for Depolarization Phenomena
  • Developed Vacuum Processes to fabricate Ferroelectric/Photoconductor Computer Multilayer Memory Device
  • Developed Vacuum Sputtering Process to fabricate Magneto-Resistive Head to read information off a Hard Disk Drive Media

ITT Semiconductor Research laboratories, Palo Alto, CA.
Principal Scientist

  • Developed Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (MOS) device processing to obtain reproducibility and stability of threshold voltages, which resulted in a line f p-channel MOS devices placed in production.
  • Evolved theory and established processes to obtain stable Silicon dioxide-Silicon Interface to get reproducible MOS transistor threshold properties.
  • Established processes to produce reproducible CMOS devices.
  • Investigated bulk transport phenomena in silicon, silicon dioxide and silicon Nitride interface devices. Present application: Non-volatile semiconductor memory devices (today’s flash memory/memory sticks).
  • Developed RF pyrolytic vapor phase deposition process for gate and passivation insulators for MOS devices.
  • Developed 2000V breakdown planar diode in Silicon.
  • Developed high drain breakdown voltage (500-600V) p-channel MOSFETs

Raytheon Company, Mountain View, CA.
Process Engineer

  • Transferred the Technology for the p-channel enhancement mode transistor to the production line.
  • Sustained the production line for Six months. Further developed the process to improve bake bias stability of MOSFETs. Worked on final development of the MOSFET process
  • Designed and fabricated full adder IC with 24-p-channel MOSFETs. This was first ever Integrated circuit using this technology.

Industry Contacts

  • Enjoy an excellent rapport with industry leaders and professionals in India. Have achieved good relations with senior management of large ISPs, such as VSNL, and Tatas. Also known widely in the Internet community among government, business and user circles.


Stanford University, Stanford, California
Ph.D. (EE) in Solid State Electronics
University of Bombay, Bombay, India.
B.Sc. (Physics), ranked 1st - in University of Bombay.

Computer Skills
Operating System: UNIX, Linux, Windows XP, 2000, 98, 95, 3.xx, MS-DOS.
Applications (partial list): MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop and many software applications that are Internet related.

Other Interests17 publications, 5 orally presented papers, 3 patents, 1 published disclosure.
Philosophy, Psychology, Yoga, Nutrition, Photography, Hiking, Traveling and of course more...
US Permanent Resident (Green Card holder).

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