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Resources Around WWW--Edition 31

G r e a t R e s o u r c e s

Theme World

5017 Desktop Themes!

Theme World also has screen savers, wallpaper and fonts. Gives tips on creating your own themes; installing themes; and more...

Source: Alan - ASHandRR@MASTNET.net

The NASDAQ stock market

Since 1971, The Nasdaq Stock Market has been the industry innovator - the world's first electronic stock market, it has set a precedent for technological trading innovation that is unrivaled.

At this site get quotes, news, market activity, portfolio tracking, equity and index options, IPOs, earnings, and much more...

Source: Alan - ASHandRR@MASTNET.net

Certify Now!

The BIG computer certification site - over 120 FREE download practice tests, what to study, getting started, books, courses, curriculum's, CBT, MCSE, MCSD etc, CNE, A+, Cisco, Oracle, Linux and more.

http://certifynow.com/ Source: "Ben Cooper" acquiring@uswest.net

Galileo Images and Animations

NASA's Galileo spacecraft has successfully flown past the largest moon in our solar system -- Ganymede, which orbits around Jupiter. Site features the release of Galileo images during the extended mission.

http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/galileo/images.html Source: Alan - ASHandRR@MASTNET.net


The Wordplay Website: Anagrams, Palindromes, Tongue Twisters, Etymology, Word Puzzles, Spoonerisms, Oxymora(Oxymorons), Malapropisms, Pangrams, Mnemonics, Acronyms, Cockney Rhyming Slang.


Source: "Ben Cooper" acquiring@uswest.net

The Flying cow

The Flying Cow was made as an experiment in DHTML. It has been put on the web to see how it would work. Since then the number of players has rocketed to thousands each month. Try it yourself!

Note: You must be using Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.

Source: Raymond Foster Rfoster1@erols.com

PS. If this comes up in Norwegian, click on the "English" button.
Unless you prefer it in Norwegian! LOL!!

Useful Utilities - Freeware

Instant 3D effects in your image editor, with

Primus v1.0 [849k] W9x/NT/2k FREE

Flat can be fancy, but is easily forgotten. Throw it into 3D and you're in for a thrill ride! You have a choice: your stuff can either sit static on a Web page, or leap into the viewer's lap. This program doesn't suck. What happens when you add a bit of spice to your soup? It tastes better. Your graphics don't have to remain bland, my friend. A little bit of color and texture goes quite a long way.


Source: Mike's Digest - m.lean@qut.edu.au

Submitted by: Soundar Rajan

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